THE DIETARY TREATMENT consists of a daily intake of Profermin® and general dietary advice. The treatment course typically lasts 24 weeks for ulcerative colitis and 12 weeks for inflammatory bowel syndrome (IBS).

To achieve a good treatment result it is important to ingest Profermin® every day during the course as well as adhering to dietary advice and instructions.

According to the clinical studies, more than half of the patients with active ulcerative colitis experience an initial effect within 14 days, and a clear improvement during the first 8 weeks. A more distinct and stable effect is usually obtained within 24 weeks.

For irritable bowel syndrome, patients usually experience an initial effect within 14 days and a clear improvement after 4-8 weeks. 

Our dietary treatment offer consists of:

  • Profermin® which is sent directly to your home address
  • Access to the Internet system CURE®. Here you will enter your daily symptoms and receive a graphical overview of the development in your symptom level. This will furthermore serve as a communication platform with the nurse.
  • Coaching and dietary advice from Nordic Rebalance during the entire treatment course